Healthy Sweet Potato Waffles

Healthy Sweet Potato Waffles

Hello my loves! Happy Friday!!

I’m super excited to share with you another favorite recipe for breakfast; Sweet Potato Waffles. I love these as much as the banana waffles and I have them for breakfast a couple times a week.

There’s one or two days of the week where I make a bunch of waffles and freeze them. They can be reheated in the oven in 10 minutes at 400 F. I think this is why I love them so much. Not only do they taste really good, but they are super convenient. It’s the perfect meal to have after an intense workout.

Here’s what you’ll need:


1/2 cup egg whites

1 tsp stevia (you cad add more if you like them sweet)

120 grams of cooked skinless sweet potatoes (I boil them, but I think you can bake them too)

1/2 tbs cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

3 oz coconut-almond milk (or any nut milk) 

3 tbs coconut flour

1/4 cup quaker oats

Mix in a blender until everything is mixed. It takes about 1 minute.

This recipe makes 4 waffles in a small waffle maker. I eat all 4 of them with 1 TBS of peanut or almond butter (16 grms) and some sugar free maple syrup. If you have a Belgium waffle maker (I got one for Christmas!) this recipe fits perfectly in there.

Please keep in mind that these are kind of hard to manipulate. You have to let them cook very good and you have to use a spray oil (ideally coconut oil) to avoid them from sticking to your waffle maker.

I have a sweet potato pancake recipe that I will share soon. I just need to take the photos. I tried making this same recipe as pancakes and it was a mess! I couldn’t even flip them. So don’t do that.

Nutritional info: (without the nut butter and maple syrup)

Calories: 413

Carbs 67.6 grams – Protein 21.9 grams – Fat 6.2 grams

I use My Fitness Pal to create my recipes and calculate this info. I don’t eat a low carb diet. I do 5 meals a day and in all of them I eat carbs, but I only eat good carbs. Nothing processed. This really makes a huge difference.

I currently eat 1800 daily calories. 45% carbs (203g), 30% fat (60g) and 25% protein (113g). (I just changed my diet and adjusted my macros. You can read my previous ones in this post)

Hope this post helps. I cannot recommend you enough to start keeping track of what you eat so you have an idea of each macro and what your calorie intake is. Also, get a food scale. Weight your food. This will help you understand how the ‘right quantity’ looks like. Trust me, I was shocked to see how little 60 grams of avocado looked like and let’s not even start talking about how 16g of peanut butter look like LOL

Well, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. If you make this recipe please let me know if you liked it!!


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