Hello guys! Happy Wednesday!

Hope you are having a great week! Mine has been OK. I honestly don’t know where time goes. I feel like I’m glued to my computer like 10 hours a day and I haven’t been taking time for myself. Honestly I just don’t have the motivation to do so. I have very good days, but I also have days where I don’t want to do anything and everything I do feels so mechanic. Any advice? Anything’s appreciated!

Right now I’m heading out to work from the beach (and by beach I mean Lake Michigan) to see if a tan makes me feel better hahaha so wish me luck!

On another note…This week we are styling white denim. On Monday’s post I talked about why I love this pair so much and I created a casual look as well. I feel like white jeans are perfect for almost any occasion and you can dress them up and down as you want. For this week I just really wanted to create a couple casual looks that work for a weekend brunch or even the office (Today’s maybe not for the office.. Maybe with a different top).

I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest how people are wearing white jeans with white tops, so I felt like creating my own version. I feel weird if I’m wearing head-to-toe white, so I added a green sleeveless vest. Also, wearing these beautiful espadrilles from White Mountain Shoes and they are only $57 and very very comfy. The top is from Express, not available anymore because it’s last years’ but I’ve linked similar ones at the end of this post. The bag doesn’t really make much sense but I kind of like it. It’s from Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style.

What do you guys think? Which look do you like better, today’s or Monday’s?

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Hola a todos! Feliz Miércoles!

Espero que esten teniendo una buena semana! La mía normal, la verdad que no tengo mucho que reportar. Ultimamente no me he sentido con muchas ganas de hacer cosas. Los días se me pasan volando y siento que no estoy haciendo nada productivo. Pero bueno, estoy tratando de mantenerme fuerte y seguir trabajando y tratando de no dejar que esta actitud me afecte demasiado. Ustedes tienen algún consejo para superar cuando se sienten así? Déjenme saber! Cualquier cosa ayuda.

Hoy me vine a trabajar desde el lago, aprovechando que hace calor y que hay algo de sol. Quizás recuperar mi bronceado me suba un poco los ánimos jajaja.

Bueno, cambiando un poco el tema… Esta semana quise crear dos looks casuales para darles ideas de como usar jeans blancos. Soy fanática de éstos ya que se pueden usar para muchas ocasiones y se pueden combinar de muchas maneras. Sin duda consideren invertir en un par de jeans blancos.

He visto bastante en Pinterest que se están usando con tops blancos y me encanta, pero yo me siento un poco rara toda vestida de blanco así que agregué este chaleco largo sin mangas verde. Para los zapatos escogí unas sandalias tipo espadrilles y la cartera quizás no tiene mucho sentido, y no sabría explicar porque escogí esta jajaja. Simplemente me pareció que se veía linda.

A ustedes que les parece?

Cual les gusta mas, el look de hoy o el del Lunes? Déjenme saber en los comments!

Mil gracias por visitar el blog. Un abrazo!!




Espadrille Wedges – White Mountain Shoes ($57)

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  • Alyssa Moore

    You kill it every time! I love this! EVERYTHING is perfect. As I stated on Part 1 I cannot find the best pants and wearing all white is just not for me. Thank you for breaking this up xo

  • Morgan Ryan

    White denim is one of my favorites! I wear it year round 🙂

  • Keyma

    I live how you style your pieces differently. This look is so great, as usual. I hope you get out of that draggy funk. I’ve been there too. Take time for yourself and then refresh back.

  • Dom

    Hello my friend. Now please don’t make me choose between both of these outfits! You rocked both and I love both…. I do have a little more love for this one just cause it’s green, and well that’s my fave color, but I really do love both! I’m glad you got to go out to Lake Michigan. I hope you got your tan. I’m always trying to stay off of my macbook and iphone for at least 7 hours in the day so I can have 2 of those hours to go out and run and keep myself motivated. I feel you girl. I love this post as per usual. Great job.
    Love, Dom

  • Reply

    This is Gorgeous!! I love the white, of course, but that vest just absolutely takes it all to another level♥️

  • Kirsten Wendlandt

    Honestly girl I have been feeling the same way. I feel like I’m stuck to my computer in my all my free time because of blogging, and not that I don’t love it but it is a lot of work. Sometimes I wish I could just take a day and enjoy it without the nagging feeling that I should be working on it. It’s crazy how this kind of “job” demands so much of our time, and how difficult it is to truly relax! Hope the beach helped you feel better

  • Claudia Salinas

    I feel ya on the being glued to the computer (and phone) for hours and hours… The other look with the white jeans is more my style but I love this combo too, looking so pretty. xx

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    IF you make choose I’ll have to go with this one opposed to Monday’s, but I do love them both. On another note I totally understand how you’re feeling at times and the things I do when I feel a lack of motivation is just go get some fresh air, head for a workout or why not even be social and meet those people you call friends, haha. I know at some times my friends are asking me if I’m ok as they haven’t seen me and I’m like “but I’ve been busy working”. It seems sometimes other people have so much more spare time than we do, doesn’t it?


  • Sharon

    Seriously, you are so FREAKING adorable!!! I love this look on you but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the shoes you are wearing! Time flies by so fast I also feel like Im glued on my computer for so long aah! xx

  • CJ

    Such a chic outfit. Love how you styled it. That crochet top is absolutely beautiful.

  • VALE

    After your first styling with floral blouse and denim jacket, I was surprised by another perfect styling proposal. The safari chic vibes of this look make it classy and ladylike!

  • candi

    Hey babe! I’m loving the white jeans – I’ve bought one for like 6 months and haven’t worn it out haha! But you’ve definitely given me ideas! I agree though – I would feel so weird in all white!! I like how you’ve added a green vest so it isn’t full white – I’m gonna do that too!
    I hope you had a fun day at the beach btw and that it helped with your burnout – I get what you mean… I’m going through a little bit of a rut myself!!

    Take care 🙂
    xoxo Candi

  • Jen

    I love this look with the white crochet top and the long olive green vest! It’s such a different look from Monday and I love the way you can style things so differently and uniquely every time. This has got to be my favorite look of yours. Also, you can have my tan!!

  • Kendra

    Where does the time go, lol?! Love your white jeans. It’s a great look for this time of the year.


  • Reply

    Hi there gorgeous!
    I know exactly what you mean about being glued to a computer and wanting to get out and lacking motivation! I’m glad you enjoyed Lake Michigan! I love the way you styled the white denim here ! Such a great pop of color with the vest and and I think the bag makes perfect sense !!

  • Amy

    I adore this look on you! so GORGEOUS! I remember seeing your last blog post with those white jeans, and I love how you styled them differently with this outfit, so beautiful!
    I have the same bag as you from The Zoe Box of Report, hehe. Isn’t it just so pretty!? I think so!
    Hope you have a good rest of the week <3
    -Amy K.

  • Kate

    How cute is that crotchet lace top!

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