Vacation looks – 18 outfits that are perfect for a warm getaway!

Vacation looks – 18 outfits that are perfect for a warm getaway!

It feels like forever since we got back from spending 3 weeks in Florida… Spring hasn’t showed its face around Chicago just yet, so it’s definitely hard to look back at all these photos and think that I still can’t wear any of these outside without freezing my butt off LOL

Let me start by saying that these are just the looks I wore. There wasn’t much planning behind these photos or styling (as you will see), and I’m just posting them here to hopefully inspire you to recreate some of these. I had to get creative because I packed super light because I already had stuff in Florida, but I had no idea what those things were hahaha so this is not your traditional ‘fashion blogger’ blog post… although I doubt you’ll ever see me going on vacation and spending the whole time trying to get ‘the perfect shot’ just to get likes on Instagram… but whatever. That’s a different story for a different day.

Ok, so here are the looks! I’ll talk a little bit about each and give you ideas to maybe inspire you to try something similar with things you already have in your closet. I usually don’t like to link stuff because I don’t want you to feel like I’m constantly trying to sell you something, but I always get so many questions on where I get the stuff I’m wearing, that I figure it’s just easier to link them when it comes to posts with so many outfits like this one.

Ok, now I’m really going to show you the looks LOL

First, this easy breezy Shein dress. I wore it 3 times (but only took photos twice lol, sorry). I’ll describe how the third time looked like though: I wore it with white sneakers and a denim jacket. I loved it in all 3 ways. My favorite was for date night with heels and tassel earrings.

My advice when shopping for dresses is to think if you can dress it up and down. If you can style it in at least 3 different ways, then buy it and get the most out of it!

Link to the pink Shein dress here.

Next, black elastic waist shorts. To be honest, I only recently started to wear shorts for the first time in my life! I always thought my thighs were too big and I had so much cellulite, that shorts made me feel very insecure. Ever since I started eating healthy and working out a year ago, I’ve been feeling more comfortable wearing shorts… Actually, VERY comfortable since now I own like 10 shorts LOL

Anyways, maybe it sounds stupid to you that I didn’t wear shorts before, but I just wanted to share in case you feel the same way… You are not alone, but living a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your self esteem πŸ™‚

Link to similar pieces I’m wearing in these 3 photos here.

Here are more looks with the other 2 shorts I wore on this trip. As soon as I got back to Chicago, I bought like 4 other pairs lol. But I feel like they are all so classic and I’ll keep them for a long time. Plus, I’m bringing a few of these on our trip around the world, so it’s fine (That’s what I tell G).

Link to similar pieces here.

I posted this floral dress on my Instagram and you guys loved it as much as I do! It’s cute for a casual look and to go out as well. Looks beautiful with sandals! You can also add a cute jacket or a long vest πŸ™‚

Link to the floral dress here.


We went to the beach like 6 or 7 times, and I didn’t take photos each time, but here are 2 beach looks I did take photos of πŸ™‚ Some of the short looks listed above were also beach looks. Sometimes I like to “dress up” a little bit to go to the beach, because we usually do happy hour or a casual dinner after, so I like to look kind of nice for that.

Link to the floral maxi dress here. (similar one)

Link to the striped dress here. (similar one)

This is the dress I wore for my dad’s 80th birthday, which was the main reason why we went to Florida in the first place. I also wore it a second time with white sneakers and a denim jacket. I brought this dress back with me and I’m planning on wearing it a lot this Spring and Summer. I love the polka dots and how it fits. This dress is a total keeper!

Keep in mind that it’s a little see through so I just wear it with a navy bralette and nude underwear. It doesn’t bother me, but I’m just letting you know in case it bothers you.

Link to this polka dot dress here.


This skirt that I’m about to show you is so old! SO OLD! I’ve had it for over 10 years hahaha It’s one of those pieces from Forever21 that for some reason you never get rid off. Like I literally bought it when I was 21 years old! I wore it twice in Florida and here are the looks:

Link to similar pieces here.

Dresses are a must for me in life, but especially when traveling! These two super cute dresses from Shein were perfect for Florida. You can style them to go out and in a casual way. There’s something about dresses that just make you look more polished, so I always bring a few options with me.

Link to the white dress here. (Best LWD I’ve ever own!!)

I couldn’t find the coral dress anywhere. But if you click here, you can find a few good options. There’s something for every style.

This is the dress I wore for the Meijer event that you guys loved! (See how I styled it here). We went to the Polo one day, and yes I go to the Polo and don’t blog about it.. It’s such a scene there and I don’t like it. So we sit on a little tent that G’s parents have every year and just enjoy some champagne and food and have fun, and of course watch the horses because they are one of my favorite animals. It’s also fun to hear the players curse at each other is Spanish since they are mostly hispanic LOL.

The dress is from Gap and it’s the comfiest thing in the whole wide world! I bought it last year during Black Friday. I couldn’t find it on their site, but you can browse similar options here. They have quite a few that seem super comfy!!

Also, the airport look that never fails! Stripes, comfy pants and a denim jacket. I also like wearing white sneakers but they can be kind of annoying to take off during the security check up. And you may be thinking that it’s kind of gross to wear shoes without socks at the airport and I think so too, BUT, I do bring socks with me in my bag and put them on to walk through those stinky security floors.

These pants are the comfiest! They’re from a brand called Albion Fit (link here) and I can’t recommend them enough! I also have super comfy pants I got from Ann Taylor last year but they now run too large. I need to restock on those for sure.

I’m wearing size XXS – Petite. I’m 5 4′ and 123 lbs for reference πŸ˜‰


Well, this is it people. It’s been real! πŸ˜‰Β  Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to comment and let me know your favorite looks below.


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    You are so cute. All these outfits are adorable and what I love the most are the photos. You always make me feel like I can pull anything off!

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