Transitioning to FALL – Part 1

Transitioning to FALL – Part 1

Hello loves! Happy Monday!

I’m back this week with some outfit posts! YAY! I had a hard time scheduling photoshoots, so I fell a little behind, but I’m good now.

So… Fall… yeah… It’s coming! I feel sad because Summer is almost over, and we’ve been definitely feeling it here in Chicago. During the day is not so bad, but at night it’s already in the low 60’s and high 50’s, which makes me kind of sad because I love Summer nights.

Ok, enough with the wining LOL. Everything comes to an end eventually and we just need to adapt, so for this week I’m partnering up with a really cute online boutique you should definitely check out called ‘Daisy del Sol’. 

Daisy del Sol is an online fashion brand that includes vintage and contemporary collections. It was created by two best friends in 2014 and they take pride in bringing their customers a carefully curated collection of rare vintage finds. (Please read their full story here). I’m so happy to be working with Daisy del Sol for this post, because they seriously have the cutest transitional pieces right now!

The first look I have for you is this beautiful off the shoulder dress, with an embroidery detail on the sleeves. Neither of these trends are going anywhere this season, so while the weather allows it, I plan on wearing as many off-the-shoulder pieces as I can. I also love the bell sleeves and I think what makes this dress a perfect transitional piece is its color, but of course, it also depends on how you style it.

Even though it looks simple, the dress has a lot going on, so I decided to wear it with burgundy booties to pop out the embroidery detail and this grey leather bag, which was my Fall bag for last year too. It’s a little worn out but I think it’s super comfy, fits all my stuff and the color goes well with everything.

What do you guys think of the whole look?


I’m wearing a size S, just FYI. It fits true to size. (Direct link here).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday, because I have another Fall look I got from ‘Daisy del Sol’ as well and I think you guys are going to LOVE it!

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


Hola chicos! Feliz Lunes!

Ya estoy de vuelta con looks aquí en el blog! Tuve pequeños inconvenientes poniéndome de acuerdo con mis fotógrafos, pero ya tomamos fotos para varias semanas, así que vengo con todo!!

Ya se empieza a sentir aquí en Chicago que el verano esta por terminarse y no me queda de otra que empezar a usar ropa de Otoño. Este verano fue muy especial y no quiero que se acabe, pero inevitablemente la vida sigue y no queda de otra sino adaptarse. No me malinterpreten, yo amo el otoño también. Pienso que es la temporada mas bella, pero sin duda que voy a extrañar salir a calle y sudar jajajaja o simplemente tomar sol a la orilla del lago.

Bueno, basta de tanta quejadera! Hoy he creado para ustedes un look de transición perfecto para el inicio de una nueva temporada. Estoy usando un vestido de una boutique online llamada ‘Daisy del Sol’ que tiene cosas super originales y vintage. Este vestido en particular me gusta mucho porque tiene los hombros descubiertos, las mangas son hermosas y tiene un bordado de flores que va super bien con el otoño.

Decidi usarlo de manera muy simple con unas botas vino tinto y un bolso gris. Que piensan?

Estoy usando talla S. Si quieren ordenarlo, háganlo en su talla real ya que queda perfecto. También esta disponible en blanco (Link directo aquí).

Déjenme saber que piensan en los comentarios! No dejen de visitar el blog de nuevo el miércoles para que vean otro look que creé junto a Daisy del Sol.

Un abrazo grande!




Dress – Daisy del Sol – $44 (Also available in white)

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  • VALE

    I know. I’m sad for the end of summer too! Daisy of Sol brings back summer days with that beautiful off the shoulder dress! You look adorable dear! Love, Valeria

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    When you say transitioning you truly understand what it stands for as your outfit has one foot in summer and the other in the fall season and is truly adorable on you! Can’t wait for the second part (as always!)
    Thomas xx

  • Dom

    Hello my friend! I love your dress! Such a pretty design. I totally got the fall vibe and I love how you are transitioning with so much grace. It’s bittersweet that summer is ending, but i can’t wait to see what else fall has in store with your sure to be amazing outfits!
    Love, Dom

  • Victoria

    I love this dress babe. I love the soft lavender color of it and the bell sleeves details are just so girly and cute. 😍

  • Emily

    This dress is beautiful Aimara. I’m checking out Daisy del Sol right away!

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    I absolutely adore this dress and I had to check out the entire site and of course I loved everything! This dress is so gorgeous on you and I especially love the red boots ! Perfect!

  • Kamen Kamenov

    Hi darling. It is official… fall is coming. Thank God it is not “winter is coming” haha. I love the autumn… i have to say that is the best fashion and the most beautiful season of all. Maybe that is the melancholic part of me speaking. I adore your boots… and in that color… u can do no wrong since red is the IN color for fall this season.
    Love ur dress as well hun. Very beautifully made.
    Lots of love

  • Candace

    You know I always get excited to see your fashion posts and like always, I’m loving it! I am so glad you found time to squeeze in a shoot. The bell sleeves, mini length.,.perfection! Thankfully, I’m only still feeling heat here, not a hint of cool. So sorry fall has come for you so soon girl, haha!

  • Bernice

    This Daisy del Sol over the shoulder floral dress is a perfect summer dress! It’s never too late to release a lookbook, and this dress was a great choice. I also love all of these red boots, and it’s a pity half are sold out!

    Bernice | IG @bunnybernice

  • Meg

    This is such a cute outfit! This look combines so many trends in one – off the shoulder, embroidery and bell sleeves! I love it.

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