Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration

Hello hello! Happy Humpday everyone!

Hope your week is going good so far 🙂 and if is not, probably you should read this post about editing your life.
In that post I wrote about saying no in order to edit your life. Even though is important to know how and when to say no, it is also important to learn how to say yes. Last night I was watching this TED talk and I wanted to share it with you because A.) The speaker is Shonda Rhimes and she’s awesome, and B.) She talks about the power of saying yes and how it changed her life.
I realized that I’ve been saying ‘no’ a lot lately for all the wrong reasons. I’ve been saying no to things that could have benefit me just because I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone. Let’s face it, comfort zones are nice and cozy but they won’t take you anywhere extra ordinary. Shonda also talks about what she calls ‘The Hum’ and how she recovered hers by saying ‘yes’ to everything that scared her and always playing with her kids for 15 mins.
Some of you don’t know this, but besides the blog and doing business and marketing plans, I work as a babysitter with a couple of families. I have to admit that I didn’t know what was I supposed to learn by doing this, other than being a more patient person or dealing better with kids, but after watching this TED Talk I’ve realized that I’m so blessed because I get paid to play. Of course I have more responsibilities with these kids, but I get to play every single day with them.. And it made me wonder, when did we stop playing?
I’m what a lot people would call a workaholic. I don’t consider myself one, but looking at my schedule right now I feel like I should start accepting the fact that I’m actually one. I’m just not built for failure. So yes, I don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want, and yes, my life can look chaotic from the outside, but it’s my chaos and I love it. All the experiences I’m living right now allow me to know myself better and inspire me to be a better person and a more consistent writer. Without my chaos I would’t even have my blog and even though I want this space to be my only job one day I feel like I need to keep myself busy all the time in order to remain inspired. However, I didn’t realize until now that I need to play more and be grateful about the fact that I get to play every day, literally.
There’s a new season coming soon, so I want to encourage you to say yes to the things that scare you. Say yes to the things that are going to teach you something, say yes to the things that will take you out of your comfort zone. You never know how a new experience will make you a better person. Just play. Say yes to playing. Whatever your happy place is, just play more. Let this be your spring inspiration.
Like usual I almost forgot to talk about fashion hahaha. Hope you like this outfit. It’s simply combining black with any color (burgundy this time) and adding a cute black and white coat with a pop of color. This pink scarf reminded me that spring is coming soon and I’m beyond excited for what next season will bring.
Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you so much for stopping by,



Sunnies are Karen Walker and I got them through Shopditto. Check them out and get your first month of unlimited designer sunglasses for free by using my code ‘WAYSOFSTYLE’

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  • Ways Of Style

    Thank you so much Leslie!
    You are the sweetest!

  • Lesley

    Love your coat! I also love the way your shoes add a pop of color! Super cute combo!


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