Hello guys! Happy Humpday!

As you all know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and yes, I’m aware there are many gift ideas rolling around your head, but if you’re looking for something truly unique, you’ll want to read this post.

“Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats”

When Songfinch first approached me to work together, I was like, what? You guys will write a song for me with any story I share? For any occasion?

And they were like, well yes, that’s exactly what we do.

I could not resist, so I gave it a try and I’m mind blown with the beautiful song they created for my parents.

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this service is! Songfinch is a website where you can have professional writers and musicians to create a customized song for a loved one! It’s so easy, it literally took me 5 minutes to order a song for my parents for Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is to write down who the song is for and what’s the occasion, select what type of music you’d like and write down some additional info about the person you’re gifting the song to. In just one week you’ll have the song in your inbox!

I decided to try it out and they created a beautiful song for my mom and dad called “Sweet Valentine”. Why my parents and not a friend or the BF? Because they truly mean the world to me and I feel like we always forget about them on Valentine’s Day and that’s just not ok. At least not for me.

“With the right music you either forget anything or remember everything”

I’m not at all the best dancer or singer, actually I’m not the best at anything music related, but despite that fact music means everything to me. It brings out the best of me and I feel like a good song always has that power of dusting off some old memories out of you and I love that feeling.

I love to go back and re-live moments, it doesn’t matter if they’re good of bad. The good ones bring me an immense amount of joy and the bad ones, well, they don’t intimidate me anymore. I now see them as lessons I’ve learned over the years and nothing more than that. I feel like it’s important to learn how to appreciate every single experience.

How about you? Does music make you feel the same way? There are so many occasions where you can give someone a song. From anniversaries to birth announcements, from V Day to a birthday, even to celebrate an accomplishment like opening your own business, or your graduation, etc. You name it and they’ll create it. Literally, they can write a song for anything.

I can’t think of a better gift than music. This is something my mom and dad will treasure forever.

Thank you Songfinch for creating something really special for my parents. It really means the world to me and I know it will mean the same to my folks! If you guys are super curious, you can listen to the song and check out the lyrics right here.

If you love it and want to create your own song for someone special, use my promo code ‘WAYSOFSTYLE’ and get $25 off your customized song.

Scroll down for some pics of me with my mom and dad. Hope you guys like them!

Enjoy the rest of the week and thank you so so much for reading!


Hola a todos! Feliz Miércoles!

Como ya saben, el día de San Valentin se acerca cada vez mas y se que seguro tienen mil ideas de lo que van a regalar o ya tienen planeado algo especial, pero esto que voy a compartir con ustedes es otra cosa. Si están buscando algo único para regalar a un ser querido en este día tan especial, entonces tienen que leer este post.

Cuando Songfinch me contacto para que probara sus servicios, no lo podia creer. Yo estaba como que, ah? Ustedes me están diciendo que van a crear una canción solo para mi con una historia que yo les cuente? Y ellos y que, ehhh si, eso es exactamente lo que hacemos! Claro, que tuve que probar este servicio y ver por mi misma de lo que estaban hablando.

Comparti mi historia, la ocasion y a quien quería regalarle una canción y Songfinch creo una canción bellísima para mis papas llamada “Sweet Valentine”. Literalmente me tomo 5 minutos completar la información que me estaban pidiendo para escribir la canción. Solo te piden que les indiques para quien es, la ocasion, el tipo de música que te gustaría y una pequeña historia o anécdotas de quien va a recibir la canción, mas nada. En una semana te envían la canción a tu correo. Así de simple.

A mi personalmente me encanta la musica. A pesar de que no soy buena ni bailando ni cantando, amo todo lo que tiene que ver con la música. Es una manera de transportarme al pasado y revivir momentos importantes, buenos o malos. Los buenos me hacen sentir una alegría inmensa y los malos, esos ya no tienen ningun significado. Simplemente aprendi a verlos como lecciones que he aprendido y ya. No me afectan para nada.

Y ustedes? Que los hace sentir la música en general o una buena canción? Déjame saber en los comentarios!

Muchísimas gracias a Songfinch por crear algo tan especial para mis papas. Esta canción significa el mundo para mi y se que para ellos también sera asi. La pueden escuchar aquí. 🙂

Si les gusta y se animan a crear una para ustedes también, Songfinch creo el código ‘WAYSOFSTYLE’ valido para un descuento de $25!

Mil gracias por visitar el blog y que disfruten el resto de su semana!

Un abrazo!



This post was brought to you by Songfinch. Thank you for supporting sponsored posts on Ways of Style. Experience and opinions are as usual, my very own.

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  • theEditorsNotebook

    Super cute photos- agree, music is life!
    City Style and Living: The Editors Notebook | Instagram

  • Jen

    I never knew something like that existed! Such beautiful words and music. 🙂 I’m definitely going to look into this, being a musician myself!!

  • Stavana

    I’m a huge fan of creative gifts I really like this idea they made. I will look into it for sure

  • marcy

    AW que belleza de post babe!!! Tus padres son demasiado bellos y se notan que te quieren un montón.
    Happy Vday!!


  • Dolce Nina

    Cute post dear! xoxo

  • Keyma

    This is so amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us. I have to check out and try Songfish. You photos are beautiful family photos too.

  • Carmen

    Aaw those pictures are SO adorable! You three look so happy and that what Valentine’s day is all about 🙂
    xx, Carmen –

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    That sounds like an amazing website and a truly personalized gift idea! I absolutely love these family photos and I can tell your parents have done a great job raising you!

  • Sharon

    Thats super good to know and cool!! Its also such a creative idea!
    Family is so important and its good youre understanding the value of it!
    Keep it up!

  • Olga G

    What a beautiful family!
    Happy and together, this is the treasure!
    Love the quote about music and our heart beats! Need to remember it.

  • Darya

    Awe such a lovely post! So so cute <3 happy weekend dear


  • Morgan Ryan

    Aw family love! Love all the quotes too 😉

  • Dom

    Wow Dear, I never knew of this site. I read your post and went directly to the link. What a beautiful song. As a songwriter, I think this is a genius idea and website. I loved the song. I’m listening to it again right now. This is such a neat idea and I’m so happy I read your post today.
    Love, Dom

  • Zunera Serena

    You have a lovely family! Great photos with Mom and Dad too!

  • Lesley

    Such a beautiful family! Looking gorgeous as always!

  • Alicia Mayorca

    OMG! im dying here!

  • Publicist in Pearls

    I love these photos of you and your family! So much love and affection!

    xo, Jennifer

  • maria rosaria rizzo

    This post and the picture are so sweetyyyy ! I love your family <3 and you of course !
    xo xo

  • Songfinch

    Great article, and such adorable pics of you all! We’re so glad you enjoyed the song, Aimara, and we hope your parents love it, too. As the lyrics go, our parents truly do “deserve the world!”

  • Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

    Awwww! This is a DOPE service! I am gonna try them out this year!

  • Thorton Paul

    these family photos are beautiful, great work

  • Vanessa

    Aww! Such a cute post! Love the pics of you and your family! Family is EVERYTHING and I need to check out Songfinch! Never heard of this website! Sounds great day, tho! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  • Génesis joly

    Awwww, so cute. Is a great and beatiful idea. Loveu you all.

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