Print mixing – Easiest ways to do it – 10 looks!

Print mixing – Easiest ways to do it – 10 looks!

Hello loves!! Happy Monday!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine was seriously so fun. We don’t usually do a lot during the weekends (especially during Winter), but this past Saturday we celebrated our annual Holiday date. It’s my favorite tradition and it started on our first year together back in 2016.

This year we saw Blue Man Group and had dinner at the North Pond in Lincoln park which we were dying to try! It was magical. I look forward to this day with my love all year long.

We are getting ready to spend 20 days in Florida this week and cannot wait to get the heck out of this crazy Chicago weather and spend time with our families. We will be working for a few days from there and then hopefully we’ll disconnect until January.

So, to the point of this post… LOL

This week I wanted to share with you how to create print mixing looks. A lot of you have asked for this and always have questions, so I wanted to create 10 looks with things I had in my closet and explain a little bit how I did it so you can try it at home too.

These are some of my favorite print-mixing combos that I wear all the time. If you want to give it a try for yourself with what you have in your closet, here’s what I did:

  1. I took out all the printed pieces I had in my closet. Include EVERYTHING! Pants, scarves, shoes, dressed, tops, sweaters, vests, etc.
  2. Group them. Organize them in some kind of way. It can be by piece, by type of print or by color.
  3. Take out a couple of neutral, versatile pieces like black skinnies, jeans, white sneakers, a white t-shirt, a denim jacket, etc.
  4. Start playing the mix & match game. Scroll down to see what I came up with. It took me like 45 minutes to create these 10 outfits, so hopefully they will inspire you to do the same and to not be afraid of trying something new.

General recommendation: Don’t wear more than 2 printed pieces together. It can be a little too much.

Florals & Stripes: I wear this combo al the time. You can be subtle or bold, it depends on what you have in your closet and what your style is. What usually works is to make sure the 2 prints have one color in common, like for example look at my left look.

The printed pieces on the look on the right do have the blue in common, but I’d say that if you are mixing a tie neck scarf, the ‘color rule’ would not apply because the print is not too crazy. It’s pretty much up to you and the printed pieces you are trying to put together.

Leopard Print & Stripes: Another favorite and it’s so perfect for beginners. If you’re not so sure about it, you don’t have to go big and mix a long leopard print cardigan with a striped dress LOL, but instead do it with accessories like I did here with these two looks.

Other colored stripes work too just FYI, but I just happen to have black and white stripes for the most part and I think it never fails, so if you are just getting started then this is a good way to step out of your comfort zone.

Plaid & Stripes: I think this is the number 1 print mixing combo this time of the year because of all those cute printed puffer vests and flannel shirts. I feel like if you are going to try this combination, the 2 prints do need to have one color in common for it to work. Here are the 2 looks I came up with.

Plaid Scarf with another printed piece: I have 2 plaid scarves, so I wanted to use them both to create 2 different looks because they not only look good with stripes, but also with florals. Just make sure that like with plaid and stripes, the 2 prints have one color in common or at least share the same color palette.

Random Prints that work: Sorry, I didn’t know how to call this one. It was hard enough to create printed looks with my very limited wardrobe, so last minute I thought of these two that have nothing to with each other LOL.

Palm tree prints and black & white stripes go so well together in my opinion, so if you happen to have 2 pieces you can mix and match, please give it a try.

As for the look on my right, it’s one that I always wear during Spring and Summer. The top has like little little dots (but it’s not polka dots) and since it’s the same color of the plaid jacket, they seem to work very well, so that’s why I’m sharing it. In case you have something similar, this print mixing combo will work too.

So, do you feel like you want to try the whole print mixing thing after reading this post? Let me know!!

Other print-mixing ideas I like, but didn’t include here because I didn’t have the pieces to recreate them:

  • Polka dots & stripes
  • Stripes & stripes
  • Anything with printed pants (I just don’t happen to have any… sadly!)
  • Tribal prints & stripes
  • Polka dots & plaid
  • Camo print & black and white stripes

I can’t think of anything else, but there are so many cute ideas if you search for “Print mixing combos” on Pinterest.

Also, do you have any favorites? I’d love to get inspired by what you do too πŸ™‚

Remember I’m not shopping unless is necessary. I’m very serious about the whole traveling-around-the-world for 2 years thing and it ain’t cheap!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Love you guys!


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  • Madison

    Leopard print and stripes are the best! I love how they look together πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • Kristin

    OMG so cute! I can’t wait to try some of these tips πŸ™‚
    I love how you styled stripes so many times. I’m obsessed with stripes!!!

  • Sarah

    This is so useful girl!
    I will be stealing some of these looks for sure πŸ™‚
    Love these outfit posts so much ❀️

  • Laura

    This is brilliant! Now I totally want to try print mixing. Love all these ideas ❀️

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