Hello hello! Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend and that you’re happy because it’s Monday. I’m so tired of reading quotes of how everyone struggles with Mondays, you know? Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard sometimes, but you have to work out your mind to see the positive side of things and more important; find something you love doing and call it your job. Being positive is an exercise that you basically have to do while you’re awake. It’s hard at first but I promise it gets easier. This is one of my favorite mantras:

“I shall no longer allow negative thoughts or feelings to drain me of my energy.  Instead I shall focus on all the good that’s in my life.

I will think it, feel it and speak it. By doing so I will send vibes of positive energy into the world and I shall be grateful for all the wonderful things it will attract into my life”.

Guys, we all go through hell, we all have problems that we can’t control, but please try controlling how you see things and I promise everything will change.

Ok, enough of that hahaha. I think I needed a little reminder of this as well, so just bare with me.

This week I’m styling a pink trench. This color is everywhere these days and honestly it makes me feel so girlie and feminine and I love it. I got this one last year and it’s coming back again this year, so I’d say it was a good investment. If you’re afraid of this color because you usually wear neutrals, try recreating this look:

I went with these black skinny pants that I love because they have a leather stripe on the side that gives them an edgy vibe. I love how burgundy looks with pink so I had these White Mountain Sandals (On sale for only $39 and also come in black) that are the comfiest ever and are exactly the same color as my velvet scarf. It’s not super warm just yet, so I still needed to cover my neck a little bit. I have to confess that I don’t usually wear more than 3 colors at once, so I kind of freaked out because I was wearing 3 colors already and I didn’t want to wear a black top, so I went with black and white. It would have looked pretty good with an all white top too, but I just liked B&W better. You can also try with stripes and it’ll work as good as plaid.

Well guys, let me know your thoughts on this one! Come back on Wednesday because I created a much casual look that works to run errands around on a weekday.

Thank you so so much for stopping by!


Hola a todos! Feliz Lunes!

Espero que esten felices porque es Lunes! Estoy un poco cansada de leer en las redes sociales como todo el mundo se queja cada vez que este día llega. Yo se que es didicil, pero por favor traten de ser positivos siempre y no descansen hasta encontrar algo que les guste hacer. Eso hace la diferencia.

Creo firmemente que si uno envía señales positivas al universo, el te entrega a cambio cosas y personas positivas. Muchas veces no podemos cambiar la situación, pero sin duda que si podemos cambiar la manera en que vemos las cosas. Así que elige ver lo positivo siempre porque siempre hay algo.

Ok, ahora este look. Este color esta por todos lados ahorita y me encanta porque me hace sentir super femenina. No a todo el mundo le gusta el rosado, pero solo hay que saber usarlo, les prometo que no es difícil. Este trench lo compre el ano pasado y creo que fue una buena inversion porque esta de vuelta este ano.

Que les parece este outfit?

Honestamente y no se porque, no tengo tantas cosas rosadas, pero me encanto este trench y es demasiado suave y no pude resistirme. Siempre me dicen que parezco una niñita entonces trate de crear un look un poco mas maduro, que sirve para la oficina y para un brunch el fin de semana.

Amo este pantalón porque tiene una franja de cuero a los lados que le da un toque atrevido y estas sandalias de White Mountain Shoes (Por cierto, están en oferta por $39) que son exactamente del mismo color de mi bufanda de terciopelo, ademas de ser super comodas. Si no lo sabian, el rosado va muy bien con el color vino. Usualmente no me visto de mas de tres colores jajaja asi que para la camisa decidi usar un estampado blanco y negro (El blanco no cuenta como un color para mi). También se hubiera visto muy bien con una camisa toda blanca, pueden probar usarlo asi.

Déjenme saber que piensan y no dejen de visitar el blog el Miércoles, ya que cree un outfit mas casual con este mismo trench.

Un abrazo grande y mil gracias por visitar el blog!



Photos were taken by an amazing Venezuelan photographer I met recently and he’s honestly so talented and great that I couldn’t recommend him enough. Follow and contact him on Instagramyou won’t regret it!


Sandals – White Mountain Shoes – On sale for $39!!

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  • Jen

    I agree that positivity needs to be a daily practice. You really do need to be mindful of it and try to channel it everyday just like gratitude and graciousness. That pink coat is so stunning! I agree everyone needs a pink coat and those shoes are so beautiful too!

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    This is truly a gorgeous trench coat ! I totally need one in pink and I definitely think this is the only one I would need ! Love how you styled it with the rich burgundy!

  • Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

    I love the like colors! The blush compliments the velvet so nicely!!

  • VALE

    This pink trench coat is a treat dear Aimara! I love how you brought out its soft pink styling it with burgundy accessories! I think it’s very versatile and the perfect finishing touch to any Spring look! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  • Kirsten Wendlandt

    I’ve been wanting a blush trench sooo bad since last Spring and this post is bringing back my desire!! Your trench is seriously sooo perfect and it looks amazing on you. I may have to get one myself! Thanks for sharing

  • Sharon

    I really agree with you! Monday should be seen as horrible, it’s actually so good, the start of a fresh new day of the week and of great new things! Totally agree with you!

  • Keyma

    I love the beautiful pink coat and it is perfect for spring. Love how you styled this entire look.

  • Ashley Hutchinson

    Aimara this outfit is stunning! I love those sandals so much, especially paired with that lovely pink trench for spring!

    Miss you,

    Ashley || Sed Bona

  • Cielo

    Such a pretty trench! Love this look! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • Tina

    This is definitely a pretty pink trench! I love the whimsical blush color!


  • Publicist in Pearls

    Love that pink trench! Each and every time I come to your blog, I leave with a smile!
    xo, Jennifer

  • Kate

    Such a cute trench! Love it

  • Vanessa

    Love the pink coat! It’s so perfect for Spring and I love your positive outlook! You are such a ray of sunshine!!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  • bonjourchiara

    I do agree with you, that trench is the perfect one!

  • Carmen

    This trench coat is super cute! I love this color for spring 🙂
    xx, Carmen –

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