What I eat in one day – #3

What I eat in one day – #3

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 3rd ‘What I eat in one day’ post!

As I mentioned before, don’t expect any Pinterest worthy photos in here LOL. I just want to keep these posts practical and share them fairly often with you.

I love these posts because they are forcing me to try new foods and recipes. Today was a yummy day, but I was super anxious because of what’s going on in Venezuela, so I snacked a few things in between my meals, so it wasn’t ideal but I’m still sharing everything.

OK, so here are all my meals for Thursday, January 24th 2019:

  • Meal 1: 6.30 am. Pre-workout.

Most days, when I workout first thing in the morning, the only thing I can think of is drinking a protein shake. I mix it with oats, any nut milk and maca powder. I love this protein, but, as most good protein shakes, they can be a little expensive, so I’m considering something else. I’ll keep you guys posted. If I work out in the afternoon or later in the morning, I skip this shake because I rather eat real food.

1 scoop of Sascha Fitness vanilla protein

1/4 cup whole grain oats

5 oz coconut almond milk (+1 oz of water). It’s a texture thing, I’m picky.

1 tsp gelatinized maca powder (Great for energy, anxiety and to regulate your hormones and PMS) Read more about the pros and cons of this super food here. 

Mix everything together in a blender with some ice and that’s it.

*If you decide to give maca a try, make sure is gelatinized maca and do not exceed the 1 tsp or 5 g dose. Also, don’t use it for cooking. It looses nutrients at high temperatures.

Total Calories Meal #1: 236 calories – 19.1g carbs – 29.1g protein – 4.3g of fat

  • Meal 2: 9.30 am. Post-workout. Egg & avocado toast

2 slices of bread (I use Ezequiel. You can find it in the frozen section of any grocery store)

2 eggs (I “fried” them on a non stick pan with a little bit of spray oil)

60 grams of avocado

Prep: Toast the bread, smash the avocado all over and add one egg on each slice. I also added a little bit of ‘Everything but the bagel’ seasoning.

Total Calories Meal #2:  403 calories –  36.7 g carbs – 20.6 g protein – 19.5 g fat

  • Meal 3: 1pm. Lunch. Ground turkey, brown rice & turmeric bowl

120 grams brown rice

4 oz ground turkey

1 tsp turmeric

This one doesn’t look great, I know. But it’s delicious and super easy to make. It’s fast because I usually have brown rice ready to eat and also ground turkey. I heat them together and add the turmeric after it’s hot and then I mix everything.

Turmeric is one of those foods that are SO GOOD for you and you should try to include in your diet as much as possible. Also, add black pepper because it helps to activate the potent nutrients in the turmeric root. You can read more about its benefits here.

The ground turkey is made by me with onions, garlic, green onions and peppers. I use a little bit of spray olive oil. This is part of my meal prep. I usually cook 3 lbs and it lasts 2-3 weeks. I freeze it in small containers and use it as I need to.

Total Calories Meal #3:  311 calories – 29 g carbs – 25.3 g protein – 10.3 g fat

  • Meal #4: 4.30pm. Snack. Flap Jacked protein pancakes

I was craving something sweet so bad and I was also hungry, so I needed something filling. That’s why I made this giant pancake! This is my favorite protein pancake mix and I 100% recommend it! You can also make waffles with it, which is what I do on the weekends.

53 grams of Flap Jacked Buttermilk Pancake Mix

1/4 cup sugar free maple syrup

1/2 tbs organic butter

*Note: If I would have known what was coming after I would have skipped the butter. You’ll see 😉

Total Calories Meal #4:  268 calories – 29 g carbs – 20 g protein – 9 g fat

Note: After I ate the pancake, things got out of control and I had plantain chips (I measured it and only ate 1 oz, which is like 20 chips), 1/4 cup raspberries, 1/3 cup strawberries and 1/2 cup blueberries. I could have kept eating, but then I had some gum and controlled myself until dinner. I am counting these calories in my total, but I didn’t take any photos, so I’m not counting them for this specific meal.

  • Meal #5 : 8pm. Dinner. Boneless pork chops, with rice, beans and plantains.

This dinner was heaven. I cooked everything myself with no oil and of course I didn’t eat the fat in the pork chops. Usually I skip the plantains because these are the Goya ones that have already been fried (you just heat them in the oven), but I really love plantains and felt like having them LOL.

5 oz boneless porkchops

100 grams brown rice

1/3 cup black beans

69 grams of Goya plantains or maduros

Total Calories Meal #5: 468 calories  – 60.9 g carbs – 37.2g protein – 9 g fat

  • Meal #6: 9 pm. Dessert 😉

1/2 cup of frozen grapes

Total Calories Meal #6:  31 calories – 7.9 g carbs – 0.3 g protein – 0.2 g fat


Total calories/macros for the day

Calories: 1792

44% Carbs (Goal is 45%) –   200 grms

26% Fat (Goal is 30%) –   52 grms

30% Protein (Goal is 25%) –   133 grms

Total calories burned according to my Fitbit: 2142

Deficit for the day: 350

Only 500 of these calories were burned at the gym. I wasn’t very active during the day. It’s so hard during Winter. My daily goal is to burn 2300 calories because I aim to have a 500 calorie deficit every day, but today I felt short for 150 calories.


This is my advice for every one of these posts:

As you can see my macros weren’t perfect today, but the most important thing for me right now is to stay within my calories. I know it’s scary to think that by eating a lot of food you will loose weight, trust me, I was eating 1200 calories (and sometimes even 1000) and over the past 6 months, I’ve have gradually increased my calories each month and I’m still losing weight.

Don’t get desperate in this journey, go little by little. Your health is what matters the most. Not eating enough calories can lead you to fatal conditions, including brain damage. Learn as much as you can about food groups, hormones, exercise, etc. Educate yourself. Be willing to make mistakes. In this journey you will learn through trial and error because your body and your needs are uniquely yours.

Learn to be patient. Permanent things don’t happen overnight.

This is why I’m sharing monthly progress posts too. If on a certain month I don’t see any progress, I’m not going to give up, I’m going to figure out what I’m doing wrong and make changes. I mean it when I say that you should be patient and learn to know your body and works for you and what doesn’t.

My metabolism is very normal/average. I gain weight if I eat unhealthy and loose weight if I work out and control my calories/quantities.

Let me know your thoughts about these posts. I want to know if they’re helping you out to understand how to eat and also motivating you to learn more about making healthier lifestyle choices. Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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    This is great! I still can’t believe how much food you eat 🤯

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    Stealing some of these meals. Love these posts. They are useful for sure!!

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