What I eat in one day – #1

What I eat in one day – #1

Hello people!! Welcome to one of the series I’m currently most excited about!

I want to share with you in a simple way (don’t expect any pinterest worthy photos) what I eat in one day. I simply want to show you that you don’t need to starve yourself in order to loose weight. You have to control calories and quantities of course, but you don’t need to take any unhealthy measurements to reach your goals. It can also be super delicious, and that’s why I want to share at least once a week everything I eat along side the nutritional information.

I currently eat 1800 calories a day. 45% of those calories come from carbs, 30% comes from fat and 25% comes from protein. Sounds kind of crazy right? So it did for me, but it works and I’m here to prove it.

I’ve lost over 20 pounds this past year and my fat percentage went from 26-27% to 19%. Read more about why and how I started here.

OK, so without further ado, here are all my meals for Tuesday, January 8th 2019:

Side note: Today is a weird food day because I’m cleaning the fridge. I do my best to not throw away food. It just breaks my heart for all the people who have nothing to eat, especially in Venezuela.

  • Meal 1: 6.30 am. Pre-workout.

I drink a protein shake because it’s the only thing I can tolerate this early right after I wake up. I rarely wake up hungry. You don’t need to include protein shakes in your diet to loose weight, in fact I’m considering trying something else because it’s too expensive, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

1 scoop of Sascha Fitness vanilla protein

1/4 cup whole grain oats

5 oz coconut almond milk (+1 oz of water). It’s a texture thing, I’m picky.

1 tsp gelatinized maca powder (Great for energy, anxiety and to regulate your hormones and PMS) Read more about the pros and cons of this super food here. 

Mix everything together in a blender with some ice and that’s it.

*If you decide to give maca a try, make sure is gelatinized maca and do not exceed the 1tsp or 5g dose. Also, don’t use it for cooking. It looses nutrients at high temperatures.

Total Calories Meal #1: 236 calories – 19.1g carbs – 29.1g protein – 4.3g of fat

  • Meal 2: 10 am. Post-workout.

I’m trying to eat right after my workout. It doesn’t happen all the time, but today I was good about it.

2 large eggs (“fried” but without oil. It’s worth investing in a good pan)

175 grms yellow baby potatoes

Total Calories Meal #2: 262 calories – 25.2g carbs – 15.2g protein – 10g fat

  • Meal 3: 1pm. Lunch

This one was kind of processed, which I try to keep to a minimum but I was cleaning out the fridge so whatever.

1.5 oz of yellow lentil & brown rice pasta (TJ’s brand)

3.5 oz chicken breast

0.2 cups or 50g alfredo pasta sauce (TJ’s brand)

Side note: I was still very hungry after this meal 🙁 

Total Calories Meal #3: 352 calories – 26.4g carbs – 29.6g protein – 13.2g fat

  • Meal 4: 4pm. Snack? Lunch #2? Not sure how to call it LOL

1/2 cup or 79 grms of white rice

2.5 oz ground beef (I use lean ground beef 96/4)

0.3 cup homemade black beans

80 grms of avocado

(I also added a little bit of cilantro and red onions, but I didn’t count these calories)

Total Calories Meal #4: 398 calories – 44g carbs – 22g protein – 15.1g fat

  • Meal 5: 7.30pm. Dinner

5 oz wild caught salmon fillet

0.75 cup or 118 grms of white rice

1 tbs kikoman teriyaki sauce (be careful because this one has a lot of sodium, but we love it and don’t eat it super often)

80 grms of brocoli

2 grms of the everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend

Total Calories Meal #5: 408 calories  – 42.8g carbs – 15.6g protein – 29.2g fat

  • Meal 6: 8.30 pm. Dessert 😉

3/4 cup of frozen grapes

I always eat something sweet after dinner. It’s usually fruit and on the weekends I allow myself Halo Top (Only the chocolate mocha or caramel machiatto flavors. These are the only ones I can actually recommend).

Total Calories Meal #6: 46 calories – 11.8g carbs – 0.4g protein – 0.2g fat


Total calories/macros for the day

Calories: 1713

40% Carbs (Goal is 45%) – 169 grms

28% Fat (Goal is 30%) – 52 grms

32% Protein (Goal is 25%) – 131 grms


As you can see my macros weren’t perfect today, but the most important thing for me right now is to stay within my calories. I know it’s scary to think that by eating a lot of food you will loose weight, trust me, I was eating 1200 calories (and sometimes even 1000) and over the past 6 months I’ve have gradually increased my calories each month and I’m still losing weight.

Don’t get desperate in this journey, go little by little. Your health is what matters the most. Not eating enough calories can lead you to serious fatal conditions. Learn as much as you can about food groups, hormones, exercise, etc. Educate yourself. Be willing to make mistakes. In this journey you will learn through trial and error because your body and your needs are unique to you.

Learn to be patient. Permanent things don’t happen overnight.

Other random things I feel you should know:

  • Today was a quad day and I did cardio for 40 mins. It was intense and I feel like I should have eaten more, but I really couldn’t.
  • I cook all of my meals without using any oils. I rather chew my ‘fat’. I love nuts, nut butters and avocados.
  • I drink at least 3 liters of water.
  • I don’t use salt when I’m cooking. I add a little bit of pink Himalayan salt when I’m eating, that’s all. I try to keep my sodium intake between 1500mg and 2000mg a day. Believe or not this really makes a difference in the way you look, and also in the appearance of cellulite.
  • I meal prep ground beef, shredded chicken, black beans and ground turkey every two weeks. I add onions, garlic, peppers, green onions and spices without sodium. In theory I should count the calories in this veggies, but I really don’t want to take things that far.
  • We eat organic for the most part. We follow certain rules and are more flexible about certain food groups. Pretty much anything that comes from animals we buy organic and for fruit and veggies we stick to the 12 in the dirty dozen list.

So, tell me, how do you like these posts? Should I share them often? Was it helpful? Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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  • Lisa

    This is so encouraging Aimara. Thank you so much for sharing. These are some seriously yummy meals.
    PS: thanks for not throwing away food 🙌🏻

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