WHY I chose HUMANKIND for my little TOTO

WHY I chose HUMANKIND for my little TOTO

Hello loves! Happy Thursday!

Aren’t you glad it’s almost the weekend!? I know I am! It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I will get into more detail about that soon, but today I want to talk about a very successful trial I did with Humankind food for dogs and my little Toto.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know by now that I have a little Chihuahua named Toto, who’s 12 years old. He was my 18th birthday present and he’s been my bestie ever since. He’s the grumpiest old guy in the world to most people’s eyes, but he is the sweetest, most patient and loving dog to me. I know I’m his everything and there’s no better feeling in the world than that.



Because he’s my everything I want to give him the best. I have to admit that before being introduced to Humankind, I didn’t pay much attention to the type of food Toto was eating. He pretty much likes everything so I really didn’t think it was that important, and I’d tell myself that anything I could get for him was good. After all, he’s healthy and has never reacted negatively to any type of dog food.

Boy was I wrong. I thought he was happy and I thought he liked everything until he tried Humankind for the first time!


We are both obsessed! I have never seen this guy with so much energy. After just a couple of days of trying Humankind I started seeing changes in his energy levels, attitude, and even his poop. Yes, I said poop LOL. I have to clean up for him so it doesn’t hurt if the poop’s not super stinky. If you have a dog and live in an apartment, then you know what I’m talking about here.

Now, we go to the park for like an hour and he’s fine playing the whole time. I haven’t seen him do that since forever and it makes me so happy!

He’s so happy too!

Why I chose Humankind?

Simply because they are a natural, grain-free 100% Human Quality food for dogs. Unlike most pet foods, all ingredients and production processes comply with the highest FDA regulations for human edible food set by the US government. Their food is packed with animal protein, fatty acids, and a natural prebiotic to support high energy, healthy skin coat and proper digestion with vitamins and minerals. Humankind is rich in nutrients, and 99.8% of its protein comes from whole foods.

What I like about Humankind the most, is their clean label: no by-products, artificial preservatives, meals, or fillers of any kind. Unlike traditional pet foods, Humankind® does not use 4D meat from dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals (which I didn’t think happened at ALL, I mean, how is this even allowed?) making it 100% Human Quality approved. There are also no GMO ingredients, no animal digest, no irradiated ingredients and no ingredients from China.

Toto has been eating Humankind for active dogs, but they have products for all life stages and breed sizes, available in three formulations based on the nutritional requirements for activity level:

  • Active: for dogs with regular activity level, and weight (The one Toto uses)
  • Highly Active: for sporty dogs or dogs on the thin side
  • Less Active: for couch potatoes or dogs with lots to love

Last but not least.. let’s talk money! How much does it cost to give your pup the very best?

I know you’re be thinking that it must be expensive, but it’s really not. I usually spend $15 a month in dog food and now I pay $59.99 but it lasts over 3 months, so it’s really not bad at all. Humankind food is dehydrated, so you do have to mix it with water (Takes literally 30 seconds). Here are the prices:

  • $59.99 for a 5 lb. bag that makes 18 lbs. when rehydrated
  • $99 for a 10 lb. bag. that makes 37 lbs. when rehydrated

In terms of space, I love having 18 lbs worth of food in a 5 lbs bag. You can purchase it by visiting this link and make sure to use the promo code WAYSOFSTYLE10 for a 10% off your first purchase 🙂

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Have a great long weekend ahead! I’ll be at the park with Tots 🙂


*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Humankind. Opinions are of course my very own. I did try the product for over a month before writing about it and I plan to keep feeding my little Toto with Humankind because I’ve never seen him this happy and energized.

Thank you for supporting sponsored opportunities on WOS.

*Photos taken by my sis Alicia (She’s an amazing photographer and you should follow her on Insta!) Show her some love here.

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  • Diana Yost

    Humankind dog food is a new company it is in Tampa Fl. they just start in July. My two Chi’s love this food I order a 1o lb bag but I give the homemade food too and it last longer.

  • Diana Yost

    I have a chihuhua one 14 months and 2yrs. I have been making homemade food for them and Humankind.
    I give them both so they will have the nutriants and vitamins that they need. Both of them love the food
    they lick the bowl clean morning and the evening meal too.

  • Jessie

    Toto was your 18th bday present? That’s so cute. You guys look so cute together. I always wanted to have a dog, and If I have one I would want to have the best for my dog too 🙂 Humankind sounds amazing, I would totally pass this info to my dog friends,

    xx, Jessie

  • Bernice

    I’m so happy you feed Toto a nutritious meal thanks to Humankind! Some people forget that their pets need to eat healthy too. Dogs will eat pretty much anything, and they don’t have a concept of what is and isn’t good for them so it’s our responsibility as they owners to do right by them. I know my Pomeranian feels better eating healthy too!


  • marcy

    AW Toto is so cute and he looks so adorable and sweet. When I use to have my dog (small white maltese) I also didn’t use to havr attention to food or what I bought him but then a few years after I had him I realize how important it is. Theres no many dog food in the market with so many bad ingredients. I have heard o many great review of Humankind and so glad Toto is loving it.


  • Jill Wright

    It’s so important to feed your pup the best quality food. We often do think about what goes in our pets food, but they feel and behave so much better of the right product. Also – you guys look so gorgeous! What an adorable pooch. J.x

  • Rachel Holliday

    As a fellow dog mum this post made me super happy! Toto is such a cute little guy and its great to see that you have seen the difference in his health and energy levels since you started feeding him Humankind. As for the price, I honestly think that it’s worth spending more money for food with the right nutrients as its all our dogs eat.

    Rachel xx

  • Manda

    I loved learning about Humankind dog food! I feel like if I wouldn’t feed it to myself or my children, why would I give it to my beloved pet and like you, up until a couple years ago I just fed my Spanky whatever was in the grocery store isle! I love that there are non-GMO ingredients! That makes me love love this food! Unfortunately, my little guy (8 years) recently had bidder surgery for stones so he’s on a special prescribed diet to prevent it from happening again but I’ll definitely be recommending this to all the other puppy mamas I know! Also, your little guy is so cute!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • Diana

    Omg, your dog is really adorable. I never owned a dog, but had different type of animals like hamsters, turtles and I definitely agree that taking care of their health is really important, same as for us humans. All on us what we ear. I am glad that it works for your pet.


  • Natalia k

    I’ve seen your cute Chihuahua on your Instagram before I also have to two hours and they are the best dogs ever!
    So loyal and loving maybe not to strangers but they are to their owners.
    I wonder if they have humankind in Australia because I would definitely try it out
    I like that it doesn’t use diseased meat which is very important. Good quality dog food is very important and I notice the difference if I don’t feed my girls the best.
    Natalia k

  • sharon

    Toto is so adorable! i also have a dog who is 7 years old, he’s my best friend and the one I love most!!!!
    That looks like a good brand, I will def check it out for my pup!

  • Open Kloset

    Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Ohhh your Dog is so cuteee:)
    The Photos are Amazing:)
    Never Heard about HumanKind but I will check out for sure:)
    You made very detailed post about the Brand:)
    Loved it:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  • Jacqueline

    That’s so awesome that you were able to find food that made your dog feel great! I’m glad he feels energized now and that it’s treating him well

  • Vanessa

    First of all, let’s talk about your cute furry friend. So adorable!
    To be honest I have never heard about Humankind but sounds like a very good and quality product. My dog lights up my home. Just like any other member of my family, I want to make sure she gets a nutritious, healthy and certainly delicious meal. So I will definitely keep in mind this great option to feed my pet.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Maggie

    I’ve never heard of the brand before. My family actually owns a German Shepherd and Terrier mix so it’s good to check out other brands that are better for our dogs especially since I’ve been reading so many articles about how there’s little to no regulation for animal food. I definitely need to check out Humankind. Thanks for sharing!

    Maggie S.

  • Kirsten Wendlandt

    It’s really true what they say that dogs are man’s best friend! Your little Toto is absolutely adorable and it makes me want to get a dog so bad. It’s so important to treat your dog and give him the best possible food you can.. it’s like owning a child! If I get a dog soon (which I want to) I’m definitely going to keep Humankind in mind!

  • Michelle

    Awww he’s so cute! I don’t have any pets (I have three kids instead LOL) but if I did I would totally look into Humankind, I know I’m affected by what I eat so it makes sense that the same can be said for pets. And I love that your dog has a grumpy personality – that totally cracks me up 🙂

  • candi

    I LOVE your cute photoshoot with Toto, it’s beyond adorable! I’ve realised smaller dogs tend to be snappier than bigger ones, for some reason. Guess they’ve got to make up for their size with their larger than life attitudes! Humankind sounds amazing and healthy, there are so many brands these days, but I’m definitely gonna look into this as well.

    Thanks for sharing!
    xo candi

  • Darya

    Hi Aimara,

    It’s so important to feed food of the best quality to our dogs. I absolutely love you both in the pictures! You two are so adorable and cute! These Humankind products look like the best pet foods ever. I like that they increase energy levels and are packed with animal protein, fatty acids, and a natural prebiotic!


  • Amy

    Omg your dog is just the absolute cutest!! I haven’t heard of this dog food brand before. Thank you for sharing this with us. My boyfriend has a dog and I will introduce this brand to him. This sounds so interesting and amazing!
    -Amy K.

  • Suzanne Spiegoski

    What a pair! Your dog is the cutest and this Humankind brand sounds terrific! xo, Suzanne~ http://www.suzannespiegoski.com

  • Kamen Kamenov

    Hm is it just me or are all smaller dogs a bit grumpy? Or they just do not like me? Oh my that would break my heart…. anyway…. you and your best friend are so freakin adorable babe. Love how u take care of him and i am sure he does the same too.
    Thank you for letting me know how your experience with that brand is. It is really helpful especially since i am on the look for an Akita inu… 😙😙

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Haha, he might be grumpy, but he’s been your best friend for 12 years and sometimes you just have to live with some personality traits when it comes to besties. As for providing your pet with the best products out there, both for the pet itself as well as our planet, I believe you’re doing a great job! Toto is too adorable for me to focus 100% as he’s chewing on that stick, haha.
    Thomas xx

  • Gina Diaz

    Toto is so cute and you look so adorable together in the pictures! so great to hear that you are taking good care of him and tried Humankind. I love the fact that they are a natural, grain-free 100% Human Quality food for dogs and also they are affordable. If I ever get a dog, definitely I will get Humankind. Thanks for sharing an amazing brand.

    xx. Gina

  • Candace

    You’re the 2nd person today I’ve seen love this brand so much! Though I don’t have a dog just yet (will next year), I definitely want her to be as healthy as possible. I know what brand I will be using 🙂


  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Even though I do not have a dog I was so intrigued by the title of this post I had to read it. I love the relationship you have with your little Toto and will definitely tell all the dog lovers and dog owners I know about Humankind! It definitely sounds like the only choice for a dog you truly love !

  • Sheree

    I don’t own a dog, but I would have imagined that it would be the same as having a baby, you want to give them the best, organic, healthy food to keep their little body active. Humankind sounds like a great brand for pups.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • Victoria

    Your Toto is so adorable. I don’t have any pet, but I sure will come to Humankind in the future when that happens 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  • Alicia

    bella tu y bello el perro! i will try humankind for my Blake too!

  • Emma

    How cute are you two?! Definitely checking Humankind for my pup!
    Sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it
    Thank you for sharing Aimara 🙂

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