Hi everyone! Happy Friyay! Yes, it’s finally here!!

I don’t know if you knew, but March is National Nutrition month and I was invited to celebrate it with LYFE Kitchen. Have you been?

If the answer is no, you certainly have to. I eat there every time I’m in a rush and didn’t have time to cook because I know I’ll get high quality food that tastes good and it’s healthy. I’m trying really hard to get back on track with my eating habits because over the past few months I’ve been a little derailed. I was going to way too many events with good food and drinks, until I realized I was drinking and eating unhealthy like 5 days a week. That can’t be good.

So, this year, one of my resolutions was to get back on track little by little. I started going to the gym as much as I could, and started being a little smarter with my food choices. I’m also much more selective with the events I go to and I feel happier than I used to because I look better (inside and out) and I have most of my evenings off, which is really nice.

Ok, back to LYFE Kitchen. I went in last week with a friend and we tried a few of their dishes because we wanted to take as much photos as we could. We started with these two delicious and refreshing drinks; the ginger-pomegranate lemonade and the cucumber mint.

Then we moved on to one my favorites; the roasted mushroom flatbread. It’s made with crimini mushrooms, caramelized onions, goat cheese, mozzarella, chives and a balsamic glaze. Even though I recommend any dish from LYFE Kitchen, this one is a must! I can’t resist to order it every time I go!

After the flatbread we moved onto our main dishes. We ordered the Chicken & Mushroom Spinach Penne, made with whole grain pasta, grilled chicken, crimini mushrooms, organic spinach, lemon zest and a cashew creamless sherry sauce that was to die for! It was my first time trying this dish and I’m definitely having it again.

And after the pasta… TACOS! Let me just clarify that we shared every dish and we were so full in the end, that we ask some of the food to-go. Naturally the tacos we ordered were Fish Tacos. I just love fish tacos.. I’ve pretty much tried them everywhere I go if they’re on the menu. These are made with grilled mahi-mahi, a chayote slaw, avocado, cilantro, green onion, chipotle aioli, corn tortillas and salsa fresca. Are you drooling already?

You should, because they’re amazing! Just take a look at these two:

They of course offer great and healthy desserts as well but I’ve never had the chance to try them, because I’m always so full in the end.

So tell me, did you guys enjoy this post? I’m still learning that healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless and seriously LYFE Kitchen is a good reminder.

How about you? Have you tried LYFE Kitchen before? Do you usually have a balanced diet and lifestyle in general?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great weekend and thank you so so much for stopping by.


Hola! Feliz Viernes! Finalmente es Viernes! Siento que esta semana fue super larga. Buena pero larga!

No se si saben, pero Marzo es el mes nacional de la nutrición y fui invitada a celebrarlo con LYFE Kitchen.

Este restaurant me encanta porque es super sano y todo sabe divino! He estado tratando de comer sano y hacer ejercicio regularmente este ano, porque de verdad que en el 2016 fui un desastre con eso! Gracias a restaurantes como este, he ido aprendiendo que la comida sana puede saber bien también.

Hoy voy a compartir con ustedes las fotos de lo que comimos ese día. Fui con una buena amiga, que me ayudo con las fotos y comimos divino y pasamos un rato bien agradable.

Empezamos con dos bebidas super refrescantes que me dejaron sonando con Primavera y Verano. Una limonada de jengibre y granada y una bebida de pepino y menta:

Después compartimos un flatbread de champiñones que es uno de mis platos favoritos allí. Cada vez que voy no puedo resistirme a compartir uno de estos! Tiene champiñones crimini, queso de cabra, cebollas caramelizadas, queso mozzarella y una reducción de vinagre balsámico que le da un toque espectacular. Miren que divino se ve:

Los próximos dos platos los compartimos también. Ordenamos una pasta con pollo, espinaca, champiñones y una crema de mere que estaba mas allá y tacos de mahi mahi que también estaban divinos!

LYFE Kitchen también tiene postres, pero nunca los he probado porque al final siempre estoy demasiado full y no tengo espacio para mas nada, pero seguro que son divinos!

Ustedes han ido? Como es su estilo de vida? Generalmente comen sano? Déjenme saber en los comentarios!

Que tengan un super feliz fin de semana y mil gracias por visitar el blog!


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  • Dom

    Hello my friend! WOW! Lyfe kitchen looks and sounds amazing. All these meals have me craving more and more healthy food! I would love to eat here one day and experience meals like this here. Thank you for sharing dear!
    Love, Dom

  • Jen

    I usually eat pretty healthy 5 days out of the week, lol. Today not so much tho. Lyfe kitchen looks really healthy. I want to try their food because it looks delicious judging by the photos. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kristina Williams

    Wow! Everything looks absolutely delicious. I need that flat bread now! And one of those delicious looking cocktails, because hey..it’s Friday! So glad you’re loving eating healthy again. Keep sharing these posts. It’s inspiring me to want to eat a little healthier too!

  • Debbie Savage

    Oh, my I like! I have never been but after looking at your post and finding out more — I think I know where I will be dining Friday night!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    LYFE Kitchen both looks and sounds like a real treat! As for me, I’ve been eating way too unhealthy lately as well and it’s not just due to all the events I’m attending, but also because I feel like I don’t have time to “cook something healthy” and end up grabbing something quick and not that nutritious. That’s going to change for sure and I’ll strive towards a healthier lifestyle!


  • gail

    Wow, everything looks so good. I’ve never heard of this restaurant but it seems amazing! Thanks for sharing – the photos are beautiful!

  • Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

    This looks so yummy! Especially those tacos!!

  • Kirsten Wendlandt

    Oh my gosh all the food in this post looks unreal!! You made me so hungry just looking at it!

  • Sharon

    Omg stop everything looks so good and fresh! I love pasta more than life and I need to try out this place when I come! Wow!

  • Keyma

    I love Lyfe Kitchen. I have one in my neighborhood in Playa Vista, CA and I eat yere often. I love the freshness and flavor of their meals. Oh I’m hungry now.


    Yum! Looks amazing! I hope you had an amazing weekend! Xx, Lucinda


  • VALE

    Oh I wish Lyfe Kitchen was available in Italy too! Everything looks so scrumptious and healthy! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Wow !!! I’ve never tried Lyfe kitchen but I would absolutely love to! The mushroom penne looks unbelievably delicious and the lemonade is so delightful! You look gorgeous as well! Thank you so much for a beautiful post !

  • emma corrie hill

    this food looks so so so good!!!!


  • Morgan Ryan

    I love LYFE! Unfortunately it closed by my work but it’s so healthy and delicious.

  • Camille

    This all looks so delicious! Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Camille xo


  • Claudia

    Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be eating there soon. I love healthy eating and everything you shared looks so yummy. xx

  • Jennifer SavvyGreyStyles

    Everything looks so yummy. I would love to try those lemonades! Have a great weekend.

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