Hello guys! Happy Friday!

So excited for my first food post here on the blog! Yay!

I love food, cooking (certain things), entertaining and eating out so I’m happy I finally made the time to share another one of my passions in here with you. Hope you guys like it and if you end up following my recommendations, please, please let me know your thoughts!

A couple of weeks ago, me and the BF were invited to try Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen at their Gold Coast location in Walton Street. It happened on that beautiful Summer weekend in the middle of Winter, so we sat down by the window, and yes, the windows were open… In Chicago…. In February!!!

Sorry about my excitement but you can’t possibly understand what this means if you don’t live in a¬†city with crazy weather like Chicago.

Naturally, we had cocktails first! I started with the ‘Crazy Beautiful’ cocktail and it was amazing! It has Vodka, elderflower, spice pears and sparkling. It was a safe choice because they use CH Vodka and I’ve seen how they make it. CH Distillery definitely has my heart.

Anyway, back to the cocktail. Best brunch drink I’ve had in a while. Just look how pretty it is:

Then we ordered a couple of their yummy appetizers! We tried ‘The #1 Tuna Salad’ and Guac and Chips, but not just any chips… Sweet potato chips! Both were absolutely amazing!

After appetizers and another round of drinks we finally ordered. I had the ‘Wok Out Bowl’ with chicken and brown rice and G had the ‘West Coast Steak Sandwich’. I didn’t get to try his, but based on that fact you can easily assume it was really good lol. For the second round of drinks I tried an unexpected combination of beets & gin. It’s a cocktail called ‘The BEETlejuice’ and it was unexpectedly refreshing and delicious! You guys have to try it too!

Last but not least; dessert. My favorite part of any daytime meal. Especially at brunch after I’ve had drinks.

We shared this decadent Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheesecake.

Another fact about me: I’m obsessed with cheesecake. I usually order the plain kind, but this cinnamon one was recommended by many people and we just couldn’t resist!

You think you guys would have been able to resist this beauty?

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you’d like to see more of this ūüôā

Doc B’s has two locations in Chicago, two in Florida (and opening two more) and are opening three locations in Texas! For more info and reservations you can visit their website.

Thank you for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!


Hola a todos! Feliz Viernes!

Estoy super emocionada de compartir con ustedes el primer post de comida en WOS!

Me encanta comer afuera, probar cosas nuevas, cocinar (solo ciertas cosas!) y entretener a mis amigos en casa. No saben lo feliz que estoy porque al fin estoy dedicando un poco de tiempo extra al blog para crear esta nueva categoría de comida que espero disfruten tanto como yo!

Este primer post de comida esta dedicado a Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen. Un restaurant estilo americano ubicado en la zona conocida como ‘Gold Coast’ aqu√≠ en Chicago. Fui con mi chico y de verdad que la pasamos super, ya que ese d√≠a el clima estuvo perfecto! Fue como un d√≠a de verano en pleno invierno. Lo m√°ximo!!

Naturalmente, empezamos con un par de tragos. Despues de leer el menu, mi primera opci√≥n fue sin duda uno llamado¬†‘Crazy Beautiful’ y estaba divino! Tiene vodka, peras, sparkling y es decorado con una flor de sauco, que le da un toque divino! Miren solamente lo bello que es el cocktail:

Despues de la primera ronda de tragos, ordenamos un par de entradas o appetizers. Fue dif√≠cil escoger pero decidimos probar una ensalada de at√ļn crudo llamada “The #1 Tuna salad” y chips de batata con guacamole o ‘Guac & chips’. Yo nunca hab√≠a probado estos chips con guacamole y de verdad que me encanto la combinaci√≥n! Bella la presentaci√≥n de ambos platos:

Yo despu√©s de estas dos entradas ya estaba full, entonces ordenamos otra ronda de tragos para hacer algo de tiempo antes de ordenar el plato principal. Pedi un trago que me llamo mucho la atenci√≥n porque tiene jugo de remolacha y ginebra y jamas hab√≠a visto ese ingrediente en un cocktail. El trago se llama ‘The BEETlejuice’ y estaba mas all√°!

Despues de la segunda ronda de tragos, ya estabamos listos y con hambre para ordenar mas comida jajaja. Yo pedi el ‘Wok Out Bowl’ con pollo y arroz integral y Gordon el ‘West Coast Steak Sandwich’. Ni me dejo probarlo, asi que asumo que estaba tan rico como mi plato jajajaja.

Y de ultimo, la mejor parte: El Postre!

No podia dejar de probar este cheesecake con canela que se llama en el menu ‘Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheesecake’ y estaba demasiado divino! Yo soy adicta al cheesecake y generalmente lo pido ‘plain’ sin nada arriba, me parece que se aprecia mejor el sabor, pero no pude resistirme a este. Solo miren que bello y divino se ve:

Creen que se hubieran podido resistir? Yo creo que no!

Espero que les haya gustado este post y les deseo un super feliz fin de semana!!

Un abrazo


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  • Jen

    Guac and sweet potato chips?! That’s the most genius thing I ever heard, lol. And that sandwich looks amazingly mouthwatering. Wow I need to visit Doc B’s sometime!

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Wow !!! I can’t believe this is your first food blog story because it’s truly amazing! I love the behind the scenes captures and how you showed every detail of the food and atmosphere. I definitely need that cheesecake!

  • The Fashion Folks

    It looks so so yummy! And gosh, a cinnamon cheescake? Haha, have to try it sometime! Have a lovely week! Xx

  • Sharon

    Omg everything looks so good my stomach just growled haha! I love that guac, yum!!!!
    And getting cocktails at brunch is literally life!

  • Dom

    Hello my friend. OMG. All the food looks so yummy. Please if we ever hang in person one day take me to this place. I love how you gave us a behind the scenes look here. And the pictures of the food is so beautifully shot. LOVE this post my friend.
    Love, Dom

  • Lola

    Great Post!
    Everything looks amazing!
    Much love
    LOLA ūüôā

  • The Editors Notebook

    omg everything look so delicious!!
    City Style and Living: The Editors Notebook | Instagram

  • Reply

    Everything looks so good omg!…Now I’m hungry hahaha

  • Ashley Hutchinson

    Wow all that food looks absolutely delicious Aimara! Great photos too!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

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