Black + Gray Days

Black + Gray Days

As I mention before I love it when it snows. My style doesn’t really changes that much when this happens, and by style I mean.. well… shoes. I’ve master the art of walking without boots or sneakers in the snow and that’s something I’m really proud of, don’t judge. To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of boots or booties, but I have to admit that this year I’m planning on doing some serious investments on a few because, let’s face it, they are so freaking sexy. I just didn’t have the chance to wear them before since I’m from a very hot country.

Anyway, today’s outfit was really fast because I didn’t have much time but I thought that this basic street style was worth sharing. I’m wearing a long sleeve black sweater under the dress (Even though you can’t see it), a LBD from Loft that I love and I wore a lot during the winter and since it’s a short sleeve dress I can wear it all year round without the sweater. I love versatile clothes that you can wear any time just by changing the accessories. You will definitely see more of this black little number in future posts.

Of course, had to add the tights since it was freezing. I bought this gray jacket last summer on H&M, it was on sale for like 10$ so I couldn’t resist. Also, this piece is perfect for spring, fall and -why not- summer. You can use it to stay cozy during some random chilly summer night. The shoes are not the most comfortable I own but you guys know that doesn’t really matter if they are cute. Besides I didn’t have to walk that much today.

I had a coat on (Not photographed) and the look was still really cute and much warmer, but I didn’t want to bore you with another black coat on winter. Hope you like it!

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Have a great day and thank you so much for reading!






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  • Alicia

    You are sooooooooo pretty!!

  • Valentina

    Love this outfit!

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