10 Holiday looks I created with things I had in my closet

10 Holiday looks I created with things I had in my closet

Hey loves!

Anyone else as excited for the Holidays as I am? I just love this time of the year!!

I love everything about it, but I particularly love to dress up! I usually go out and buy something, but I did not do that this year because I wanted to force myself to create looks with things I had in my closet.

Most of these looks are for Chicago weather, but you can also try to recreate them if you are somewhere warm by not wearing tights and replacing booties for sandals.

Here are the 10 looks.

I’m going to go one by one with some other ideas, so you can try doing the same. Maybe this post will help you think about some pieces you had in your closet that were forgotten, that you can end up using this Holiday season.

I have no idea what I’ll wear. I’m currently in Florida and will spend Christmas here and will fly back to Chicago for New Year’s. I might wear one of these looks for the 25th but without tights? Not sure what I’ll do yet because it will be my first Christmas with G’s family so I don’t know what their traditions and dress codes are LOL. We’ll see.

As for New Year’s, we’ll probably go to my sister’s house in the suburbs and depending on how cold it is and what transportation method we end up using, I’ll dress accordingly. It’s not easy guys. It’s not easy.

Here are some tips so you can try when get trying to figure out what to wear for the Holidays, if you don’t want to shop:

  • Take out everything that screams ‘Holidays’. For example: Red, green, gold, white, velvet and sequin/glitter pieces.
  • Add Wintery accessories. For example: tights, booties and faux fur.
  • Look for Holiday makeup styles. They usually involve a lot of glitter and red lips.
  • Paint your nails red or gold if you don’t know what you’ll wear yet.

Ok, so, without further ado, here are the 10 looks I created. Hope you have similar stuff so you can recreate some of these ๐Ÿ™‚

Look 1: The obvious choice

I feel like I always want to wear red for Christmas. I only have one red dress and I love it any time of the year. G LOVES this dress too!

To make it look perfect for the Holidays I added a velvet cami underneath and a faux fur. And because it’s freezing cold in Chicago, it’s nearly impossible to go out without tights and booties. So here is look #1.

Look 2: The comfy jumpsuit

I adore jumpsuits and this one is so perfect for the Holidays because it’s green. It’s from Forever21 and it’s super flattering!! It’s a little tricky to wear this one in Chicago if you don’t have a car and if you’re taking the train because I like to wear it with strappy sandals but, if you are lucky enough to live in a warm city, a jumpsuit is a great option.

Look 3: The easy LBD

A girl can never go wrong with an LBD, right? I recently posted this dress on my Instagram because I wore it for our annual Holiday date and I thought it would be a good option to wear for Christmas or New Years. Any little black dress you have will work if you don’t know what to wear. Black dresses allow you to do whatever you want with hair, makeup and accessories, so they are always a good & a safe choice.

Look 4: The sweater dress

Nothing like a good sweater dress this time of the year. I feel like every girl should have one of these in her closet. This gray one is like a blank canvas, so, to make it look more Holiday appropriate I added some faux fur, red lips and of course glitter boots!!

Look 5: Playing with textures

Another thing you can do if you feel safe wearing all black is to play with textures. As you must know by now, I love to wear black from head to toe, and by incorporating different textures you look more polished. In here I’m wearing a velvet cami with a black midi skirt that looks kind of striped, and in all honesty I don’t know how else to describe it LOL. It’s a little bit of a dramatic piece, but I always have fun styling it. I added tights and black booties and a pearl necklace, but you can also do strappy black sandals if you live somewhere warm.

Look 6: The fun dress

This ‘dress’ is actually a skirt LOL but the thing is, it’s a little bit too big right now and I didn’t want to get rid of it. I love how it looks as a strapless dress! I’ve styled it with a moto jacket over it and it looks super cute too. I think a fun piece like this one is a good option for the Holidays and the color makes it perfect too. So, if you have a skirt that’s a little too big and you’re thinking of getting rid of it, try it on as a dress and see if it works ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look 7: For the pant lovers

Can you believe this is the bodysuit from my ‘wedding dress’? (You can see how I styled it for my wedding here).

I know not everyone loves dresses/skirts the way I do, so I wanted to create at least one look with pants, and, if I’m going to wear pants you can bet they will be black skinnies!!

This look is so simple and I think you can probably recreate it pretty easily. Bodysuit, black skinnies, strappy sandals and a pearl necklace (or any necklace).

Look 8: The casual dress with a twist

This is one of my favorite dresses. It’s from Zara and I also have it in black. I’ve style both of them so many times on my Instagram. This look is more on the casual side, but I think it still looks festive because it’s green and the faux fur adds a little extra touch. As always, I trust red lips to make it more Holiday appropriate.

Tip: Any faux fur over a denim jacket it’s a good idea if you want to keep using your denim jacket during Fall/Winter. I know I do.

Look 9: The cool neutral look

A neutral look it’s easy to recreate if you have a few basic neutral pieces. I styled this camel dress from Meijer with a moto jacket and added leopard print boots. It’s super simple and you can play with what you have!

It may feel like this is not really a ‘Holiday look’ but you can add a little red touch with your nails and makeup. Again, you don’t have to dress with sequins, red or green to create a Holiday look. You just need to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Look 10: The fancy jumpsuit

I left my favorite for last! I LOVE THIS JUMPSUIT!

It’s so old, but I’ve never posted about it because when I bought it like 4-5 years ago it didn’t fit LOL. I got it for like $30 at Nordstrom Rack (I think it’s BCBG and for me it was a great deal!) and I promised myself one day it would fit and now it does… and IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!

This one is perfect if you’re going to fancy party or if you simply want to dress up. A black jumpsuit it’s like having an LBD. You can style them in so many different ways. I can’t wait to show you other ways to style this beauty!

Any favorites? Any thoughts? Please please let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from you and even though I don’t always reply in here, I always read the comments and I will email you directly if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It really means the world to me.

Happy Holidays!!

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  • Sonya

    Great holiday looks โค๏ธ
    Love it when you do your makeup like that by the way.

  • Erica

    You are so stunning. BEAUTIFUL!!
    Love all these looks. I cannot believe that is the body suit you wore for your wedding OMG
    Iโ€™m obsessed with the green jumpsuit!!
    Iโ€™m going to try this this year ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  • Jessica

    Love all the looks but I need those jumpsuits in my life. You look so gorgeous by the way. I just read your fitness posts and canโ€™t wait to see more of those!!

  • Jen

    You have definitely inspired me to come up with an outfit with what I already have โค๏ธ
    First time I see a blogger not trying to push sales all the time. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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