5 coats you’ll need every winter

5 coats you’ll need every winter

Hello loves! Happy happy Monday!!

I know I know, winter is almost over, but now it’s the time to buy those winter coats because guess what?

They’re ALL on sale!

This is usually the time when I love buying coats, because normally they are a little expensive and I love when they go on sale because I can afford better brands for a fraction of the price. Who’s with me?

So, I posted this video on you YT channel about the 5 coats you’l need every winter and I was like… I need to do a blog post too! You can also watch the video here if you’re more of a video person and if you’re curious about my weird accent hahahaha

Anyways, without further ado, here are the 5 coats I think you’ll need every winter for the rest of your life.

Full discloure: I have around 14 different coats and I kind of regret buying so many. I always wear the same 5. You can even narrow that list to 3 and even 2, depending on your budget.

  • NUMBER ONE: The puffer coat

This one is a no brainer, even though I refused to buy one during my first winter here in Chicago. I, of course, did not survive the first two weeks and I finally gave in and got this one. I’ve had it for over 3 years now and even though it’s not the cutest, it’s the one I wear the most.

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  • NUMBER TWO: A long camel coat

This is one my favorites because it’s so classic and it just looks super expensive, even though it’s not. I love the longer coats because they keep you warm, and what I love about camel coats is that you can wear them during the day and at night and you will always look SO CHIC! People stop me down the street any time I wear this coat and I love that LOL

Call me crazy, but it makes me feel good!

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  • NUMBER THREE: An oversized pastel coat

There’s something about pastels during winter that just makes me happy! People usually wear neutrals and dark colors, so you really pop out when you wear a color like this. This one is oversized too, so I can pretty much layer it up or down as I need to because of the extra room.

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  • NUMBER FOUR: A classic black coat

Another no brainer. If you don’t like camel, you definitely need a black like this one to be used on ocassions where you need to dress up a little bit or to go out at night. I also bought this one during my first winter here and it’s been with me ever since! I was very naive and thought this coat was going to be enough (because I didn’t want a puffer), and it wasn’t even though it’s super warm. But winters in Chicago are rough!

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  • NUMBER FIVE: A fun coat!

This one is a must, especially during March where you think winter is almost over, but it’s not HAHAHAHA You need a coat that’s going to make you happy and brighten up your day!

You can go bold with fun coats, but I’m super classic and a little boring at a times, so I just decided to get a pink one. I really love the leopard print ones, but seriously, I’m not buying any more coats LOL.

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Here’s the video in case you want to know more about why I choose each one of these coats. I think I’m better at talking LOL. Plus, I know some people prefer videos.. So, if you’re of them, you’re welcome 🙂

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if I missed any type of coat you think is a must, let me know too!

Enjoy your week and thank you SO MUCH for stopping by!


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  • Bernice

    I’m a HUGE fan of long neutral tone coats so the camel one would be for me. I think its mainly because my wardrobe is primarily neutrals, white, grey, black, and pink ahah great coat necessities post x


  • Sweet as Fiction

    The camel and black coat are by far my closet staples. Loved your round up! <3

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  • Anthony @oh_anthonio

    The puffer and belted trench are def my faves on this list!

  • Carolyn D

    everyone definitely needs a camel coat!

    xo, carolyn

    • Ways Of Style

      Right!? I recently got this one and I’m so obsessed!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ankita Bardhan

    You have a great collection of coats in your closet! Puffer jackets are a must have for me and black over coats 🙂
    Hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s week <3

    • Ways Of Style

      Thanks girl! I have way too many LOL but I do love them all 🙂
      Puffers are totally a must with crazy winters HAHAHA
      Thanks for stopping by!

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